A trade show display is the most important entity in an exhibition. It showcases the core statement of a company and its products. A trade show display rental attracts visitors that generate leads. A trade show booth should tell attendees about your company, about you, what products you offer, and how can your products are beneficial for them.

However, buying a trade show exhibit is not easy. It costs a hefty budget, plus requires maintenance and storage, thereby costing more. If you are a big, established company, buying may seem an easier option, but if you are a small business or exhibiting for the first time, selecting a rental booth is a more viable option.

A booth design can be best made by a trade show booth builder. Since leading trade show booth builders offer various services that ensure hassle-free participation in an exhibition.

There are 3 reasons why small business pick trade show display rentals. But before that, it is important to understand, who should rent a trade show exhibit.

Who should rent a trade show display?

If you want to test a new market, are a first-time exhibitor, or are unsure about changing business strategies, then you should go for a trade show exhibit rental.

For the first time exhibitors rental display is a more practical option as you can:

  1. Save on your cost
  2. Reuse your graphics
  3. Re-rent the same display

Moreover, there are more reasons why small businesses should pick trade show display rentals:


Booth rentals offer the most flexibility as you can try several elements, and select what suits your goal the best. With a display rental, there are different options for exhibits available. Moreover, a company can also rent other components, if they wish to expand its exhibition booth. A rental display gives freedom to the company, to change its appearance frequently.

Cost-Effective Option:

For taking part in a trade show as an exhibitor costs a lot. There are various charges involved, registration, booking trade show display builders, logistics, and other costs. The expense is much higher, making participation an expensive investment. Although renting an exhibition booth does not completely free you up with the expenses, however, it reduces the amount of work involved, thereby reducing the cost. Therefore, even as a small company with a small budget, you can participate in an exhibition with a trade show booth rental.

Saves time and money with the help of local providers:

If there is an custom exhibition stand contractor in the area where you are exhibiting, you can locally rent your display. With a local trade show display builder, you can save a lot on logistics costs and will have easier on-site communication. Furthermore, you will not have to ship your stand design.

When should Rent Exhibition Displays Vs. When should Purchase Exhibition Displays:

The first step to consider before renting or purchasing is to know your exhibiting budget. When you are aware of your finances, you know what will be best for your company.

Next, consider the size of the trade show booth displays and the number of trade shows where you are planning to exhibit. If the display space is 10X10, then consider buying a portable stand. And for bigger display spaces go for the exhibit display rental option.

Then, ponder upon your resources. If you don’t have maintenance or storage worries, then you should go for purchasing the exhibition display, otherwise, rent your display.

Trade show display rentals are more affordable, only when you don’t have to exhibit often. According to experts, a trade show booth rental costs 25% to 30% of the cost to buy it. Thus, if you are planning to use your stand three times to exhibit, then you should go for purchasing the exhibition stand design.

How can Triumfo help with Trade Show Display Rentals?

As one of the leading exhibition stand contractors, Triumfo Exhibition Organizing LLC understands the needs and requirements of every company and then works accordingly. If you are going for an exhibition display rental, then we are your ideal option because:

  • We offer complete exhibition services: Right from the conceptualization of your display rental to the dismantling part, we provide complete services. Moreover, our expert on-site support team is there with you even during the exhibition.
  • Open-ended Pricing System: We believe in providing a transparent budget quotation, without hidden charges. Since trade show display rentals are cost-effective, we offer every service within your budget.
  • Range of Options: We offer a range of trade show display rentals suitable for every exhibiting goal. Plus, you can customize it with the help of different elements that will complement the stand.

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