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Frequently Asked Question

Why should I take part in an exhibition?

Exhibitions can be a valuable way of meeting many key prospects in a short span of time. Providing you choose the right show and plan carefully, you could lay the foundations for profitable growth in contacts and eventual sales.

What is taking a stand at a trade show, a county show or a national exhibition likely to cost?

There is no rule of thumb which covers such diverse possibilities. Each event will calculate their charges based on a basic cost for the area you might occupy and even whether you are indoors or out. The rate will also take into consideration the value of the potential traffic which will pass your frontage.

Where and how often should I exhibit?

Where you choose to exhibit will be governed by what industry you are in and what events are available. Avoid general shows and look for those where most of your target audience will attend. Take the last year’s catalogue from the organiser and see if the well-known names from your sector are there. The organisers should be able to give you a detailed breakdown of exhibitors and visitors from previous years. Check this to see if your rivals, customers and targets are listed. Ideally visit first before booking for next year. This will also give you an idea of the best spots to book (if they are available and within your budget).

What are Modular Exhibition Stands?

Modular exhibition stands are stall designs made from pre-engineered parts such as walls, roofs, wings and overlay panels. Exhibition stall designs are re-configurable and re-usable, hence suited for multiple exhibition. These exhibition stands are cost efficient in the long run and preferred as an eco-friendly mode of exhibiting.

What is an exhibition brief form?

Exhibition Brief form is the first sheet of paper exchanged between client and exhibition stand building contractor outlining client’s requirement. An Exhibition Brief form includes information such as client profile, objective of the exhibition stall, target audience, look and feel and other physical requirements of the exhibition stand. Exhibition Brief form can undergo changes in the production and execution stage according to client’s requirement.

How far ahead should I start planning for a major show?

Shows are important and success usually only comes from planning well in advance. A good show organiser will produce a detailed handbook giving cut-off dates when certain items must be booked – show catalogue entry, electrical requirements, fascia name etc.
Printing takes time. Examine your literature store: you may want two levels of promotional material – one adequate but cheap that can be given away wholesale, reserving the full colour brochure for serious enquirers. It is generally thought that, at best, 5% of the visitors through the door may actually meet you.

How many people are needed on a stand?

The number of people needed depends entirely on the size of your stand but even a small unit should have at least two people on hand – even if only one is on duty at a time. The appropriate people are those who know about the product, who look presentable and, most importantly, who can interact well with stand visitors. Make sure that those who ‘man’ the stand are readily identifiable to visitors.

Can we re-use a custom built stand?

Yes. Custom builds can be designed in units and arranged and re-arranged for different sized spaces. By selecting robust, wipe-clean materials and the probable addition of extra bits and pieces for each different space, a custom built stand can be used with just refurbishment, build and breakdown and storage costs, for several years.

How can I capture potential customers' contact details?

Many exhibitions provide technology to help you capture visitor details. This could include the use of barcode readers that can obtain a visitor’s contact details from their name badge or QR codes that allow exhibitors and visitors to obtain lists of contacts they have met during an event. Follow-up should be done within days, preferably by phone, thanking them for attending the show and trying to close a sale.









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