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How to select the best location for your exhibition booth at a trade show?

Presenting your exhibit at a trade show may open diversified ways to generate high return on investment and connect with new leads. While planning to participate in a trade show, it becomes essential to make all arrangements for your products' display beforehand. The location of your trade show booth in the exhibition hall may determine your product's visibility and sales.

It could be really important to select the best location for your trade show booth and in this blog you would find some tips dedicated to it:

Be close to the entrance, but not too close:

Planning a booth nearby the pavilion entrance could help you get a large number of audience; however, if you exhibit next to the door, it would encourage visitors to move on to the next exhibit as the entrance should remain empty for convenient outgoing and incoming of participants and other staff.

Keeping your exhibition booth nearby (not next to) the entrance would help you become the first exhibit that visitors will observe and interact with. You could draw the crowd's attention by hosting events and activities or with a unique and stunning trade show booth design.

Mark your presence at intersections:

While choosing the right trade show booth location, you could consider an interjection. Why? It is because, every visitor at a trade show walks and move to one after the other trade exhibit. Participants would go in different directions through interjections and while moving, visitors would also stop by your exhibit and inquire about your products..

You could make your booth more attractive by offering charging stations and seating areas in it. Trade show visitors walk a lot and feel tired at times. A seating arrangement in your trade booth would make a distinctive impact on visitors. They would be able to sit and relax while seeing and understanding your offerings and services.

Choose an area near restrooms and food services:

Food and restroom areas attract high footfall from visitors as, during the day, they need to walk to these areas for essential services. Selecting a location near these centres may help attract the attention of many visitors and even if they glance at your booth casually, it might make them interested in your products and services.

You could also attract these visitors with the help of digital billboards, interactive touchscreens and engaging devices at your exhibit.

Select a location near established businesses or sponsors:

Another major location could be near big brand names and sponsor companies at a trade show. It is because established businesses and major brands attract a high footfall from visitors. Participants come to these trade shows to discover new offerings and many of these visitors might visit you as well because you are exhibiting nearby.

It is not necessary to compete with the major brands; however, keeping a trade show exhibit close to them may help you get a lot of foot traffic and attention from visitors. You could make your exhibition display more attractive by inculcating greenery and plants in it.

Some tips to remember:

  • Try to keep your exhibit a little far from your competitors if they are major brands and provide the same products and services as you do.
  • It is essential to plan everything before getting into an exhibition.
  • You could incorporate interactive and digital services in your exhibit to attract a large audience.
  • A seating area in your trade show exhibit may also help you get more attention from visitors.

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