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How to Select the Best Location for Your Exhibition Stand at Trade Show?

Exhibition shows offer multifaceted business opportunities to exhibitors to get new leads and improve their customer base. However, to maximize business opportunities at an exhibition show, it is imperative to plan rigorously, adopt customer-friendly strategies, and partner with an expert exhibition stand builder. One of the aspects that you must focus on is the location in the exhibition hall. Selecting the right locations makes a significant impact on brand visibility and customer sales. In this blog, we will peruse five tips one can use to get the location right at an exhibition show.

Stay as Close to the Entrance as Possible:

To beat your competitors, you would want your customers to see you first. Right? However, it is not practical to be precisely at the entrance spot. Visitors like to soak in the vibe and aura of the venue when they enter. So, it is possible they might not notice your brand and you wouldn’t get an opportunity to start the conversation. Yet, it is still advisable to be as near to the entrance as possible. Choose a location that is a few meters away from the entrance. In this way, you can allow your customers to relax, look around, and then see your exhibition booth.

Establishing Your Exhibition Booth at Intersections Might be a Game-changer:

It is critical to identify areas where there is maximum traffic flow. One such area is the intersection. It is the area at the venue where major walkways connect. This location creates multiple entry points to your exhibition booths. Attendees can also see you from multiple angles, which allows you to maximize your business opportunities. Here, you would not only capture visitors’ attention easily but also decrease commotion during peak hours.

Areas Near Established Businesses and Sponsors Are Important Locations:

Customers tend to drift more toward the businesses and sponsors they have already heard of. So, if you are participating in an exhibition show where major businesses are also coming, it would be a wise decision to establish your booth near their stalls. Visitors who come to visit these established brands might choose to pay a visit to your booth if your exhibition stand design looks innovative and unique.

Choose Areas Near Food Outlets and Restrooms:

One of the places you can confidently say that the visitors will visit are the washrooms and food outlets. Setting up your exhibition booth near these areas can prove to be a creative solution for garnering visitors’ attention. In these areas, visitors tend to be more casual so you can easily attract them using attractive displays and emotive brand messages.  

Analyse Historical Data:

Best decisions are always those that are driven by data. Selecting the perfect place for your exhibition booth is no different. You can ask the organizers for the photographs of previous years’ exhibitions. Observe which exhibitors had the maximum turnout and the locations they had occupied. Thus, you can make an informed decision about which location works best for a certain venue.


So, here are major tips you can easily use to garner maximum attention and leads at an exhibition show. An exhibition show is a major event you can capitalize on to expedite the growth of your business. Adopting creative strategies, delivering the right brand message, and creating powerful displays are some of the ways you can boost your ROI at exhibition shows. Partner with a legit exhibition stand contractor in Dubai like Triumfo Inc. to get a hassle-free trade show experience. It is a reliable company that offers end-to-end solutions in exhibition booth design, development, and management at nominal prices!