Types of Exhibition Stand for Exhibition at Dubai

You must have seen various types of exhibition stalls while exhibiting in Dubai and must have wanted to install a unique trade show booth at your next trade show. Most of the brands struggle while choosing the type of trade show booth as each and brand exhibiting in Dubai wants an innovative exhibition stand to attract a large number of visitors and leave an everlasting impact on them. To select an effective booth design while exhibiting in Dubai you have to know about all types of exhibition stalls. Knowing all types will help you to select an attractive and perfect trade show booth design that will help you achieve your exhibiting goals at Dubai Exhibition.

Go through the below-mentioned designs and select the one to gain maximum footfall in your booth during your next exhibition or trade shows in Dubai.

  • Linear Stands

Linear booths are covered on three sides and have only one side exposed to an aisle. These are commonly arranged in a series along a straight line and hence are also called “in-line” booths. These are the least expensive booths but they can be optimized in a creative and smart way to rule out the limitations posed by layout and obtain desired results.

  • Island Stands

As suggested by the name, Island Booths are opened from all sides. These stalls are known to garner the most attention as they are accessible from all sides and hence and are the most expensive ones for the same reason. Exhibitors using these booths have the liberty to manipulate the design as per their needs.

  • Peninsula Stands

These kinds of booths are opened on three sides and closed from only one side. Peninsula booths are the most popular ones after island booths, as they allow easy movement of traffic. These booths can be very beneficial in structuring your brand message and driving traffic patterns within your booth.

  • Walk-through Stands

These types of stands are quite uncommon among exhibition stand types, as these don’t have a back wall and are a bit deeper. Visitors can access your stand from both sides which is why stand staff has to be extra attentive while managing this stand at the exhibition. This kind of stand doesn’t offer many fixing possibilities for promotional material as the wall surface of both sidewalls is usually limited.

  • Corner Stands

Corner stands are less common as they are located at the end of a row, usually at an aisle intersection. These stands are open from two sides, hence visitors can access the stand from these two sides. Furthermore, these stands are eye-catchy, have a number of design options, and generate more attention.

  • Row Stands

These are the most common stands among all the stand types and are adjoined on three sides by neighboring stands. The front of the stand faces the hall aisle. They are also known as wall stands. Many organizers provide these stands at exhibitors’ disposal. This is an effective and economical solution if you don’t participate regularly in exhibitions.  

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