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What are the Initiatives That You Should Take to Make Your Event a Huge Success?

Organizing an event is a massive and complex undertaking and it requires expertise to complete it professionally. Due to poor planning, many things go wrong. Do research on who is your target audience and create a booth that appeals to their interest.

Let Triumfo Exhibition Organizing LLC be your next exhibition stand builder in Dubai. We will help you in creating compelling custom exhibition stands. To help you better, we have listed some of the major mistakes you need to avoid.

Don’t Keep A Gap Between the Aisle Carpet and Trade Show Flooring:

A lot of exhibitors on the trade show floor are not aware of the fact that their booth flooring extends to the aisle carpet will result in creating a gap. The visitor passing through the aisle hesitate to enter your booth. In other words, it will hinder the smooth flow of the visitors. Ensure that the aisle carpeting touches the edge of your exhibition stand.

Barriers Due to Colour or Lighting Contrasts:

Everything should be in balance at your trade show. You cannot underestimate the effect of extreme contrasts. They might create a visual barrier on the trade show floor. As an attendee, it might affect your psychology so you must ask the ground authority regarding the color of your carpet. Ensure that your booth flooring isn’t in striking contrast with your fairground lightning.

In the same way, lightning is yet another medium that shouldn’t have striking contrast. It might hinder the visual barrier. Your booth space shouldn’t be overly bright as compared to the fairground lighting. Over lighting creates a force field and visitors are generally shy in entering this field.

Insufficient Booth Staffing:

There shouldn’t be insufficient staffing at your trade show booth. One biggest mistakes a lot of exhibitors make is that they do not deploy sufficient booth personnel at the booth. Just imagine the scenario in which the visitor is in the booth but you don’t have any staff to attend to them. Think about what impression they will take from such a scenario. How good a design or spacious booth you have but due to insufficient booth staffing it will leave a negative impact on your visitors. There should be a sufficient booth staffer to handle your presentations, demonstrations, meetings, and product sampling.

Creating A Low-Quality Exhibition Stand:

You cannot afford to create a low-quality exhibition stand as every other competitor will come with a remarkable exhibition stand design to seek attention from their visitors. It is a platform where you will display your products and services so always come up with the best trade show ideas otherwise you will end up with clutter.

Don’t Patrol the Booth Like A Security Guard:

Always be proactive at your trade show booth and keep your booth lively so that when the trade show attendees enter your booth you should be there to attend their cause.

Sitting behind the desk and waiting for visitors to approach you is the biggest mistake. You need to strike a balance between the two. No need to patrol the peripheries of trade show booths as it might create a hindrance to visitors.

Whether you are looking to buy a trade show booth or wish to opt for rental services, call Triumfo Exhibition Organisation LLC one of the leading exhibition stand builders in Dubai. We have been in the exhibition industry for almost two decades. We are based in Dubai so you are adequately supported wherever you exhibit in UAE.

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