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10 Best Lighting Tips and Ideas to Beat Your Competition at Exhibitions

Exhibitions and trade shows offer a brilliant opportunity to explore a huge and untouched segment of potential customers. You can attract visitors through visually striking custom exhibition stands and generate leads by using the lighting aspect smartly. Your exhibition stand should not only be well-lit but need to have a mesmerizing composition of lighting objects.

If you are going to participate in an event soon, you can enhance the exhibition experience for your visitors with a few practical light-based strategies. Here are a few tips and suggestions by leading exhibition stand manufacturers in Dubai to make your exhibition stand shine.

1. Light Up Your Logo and Name

When you light up your logo at your booth, you draw the attention of visitors to your brand. This step makes your brand shine even in crowded spaces because your audience tends to see your business name and logo from a distance. Ensure your eye-catching logo, business name, and slogan are properly illuminated.

2. Use Lighting to Guide Your Visitors

Finding a particular business or booth often emerges as a challenge for an average visitor due to the crowd and huge size of the exhibition floor. Use distinct colors and/or layouts to make your booth easy to find for visitors. It also saves your staff from redundant queries regarding your booth’s location.

3. Use Consistent Light for the Entire Booth

Leave no dark corners at your custom exhibition stand. But also, avoid overuse of light pieces, it can be irritating and repel your visitors. Ensure your exhibition booth is well-lit, and has ample light throughout while being soothing to the eyes.

4. Use Spotlights for Specific Products

Spotlights focus on the directed area. These lighting objects offer a smart way to draw attention to particular products or areas in your exhibition stand. Install them strategically to put their focus on key products or displays. Its focussed beam instantly creates a sense of intrigue and makes visitors explore the focussed part.

5. Use LED Lights to Illuminate Your Booth

Light-emitting diodes or simply ‘LED lights’ are trendy lighting objects of modern times. They have gained huge popularity in recent times because they are energy-efficient and long-lasting. This type of light object comes in an impressive variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can use them as a primary lighting object to make your booth well-lit along with adding a vibrant and dynamic touch.

6. Use Color-changing Lights

Colors can be a delight to the eyes if used soothingly. If you want to make the exhibition booth look different and more visually appealing than others, incorporate color-changing lights into your booth. You can opt for lights that change hues or are programmed to be in sync with music or some other triggers.

7. Utilize Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are common in homes and luxury spaces. They add a unique kind of elegance to the ambiance. These lights are available in a huge variety and you need to choose sleek choices to add a distinct touch to your exhibition booth. Prefer using pendant lights that match your brand’s identity and fit concisely in your booth.

8. Incorporate Backlit Displays into Your Booth

As the term itself suggests, a ‘backlit display’ is usually an LCD screen that has its light source coming from the back. This lighting type offers a proven way to make your exhibition stand shine, claims exhibition stand builders in Dubai. You can easily create a stunning backdrop by putting LED panels and lightboxes into your booth design.

9. Install Uplighting:

Uplighting pieces are such lighting objects that are placed at ground level and release upward beams upward. You can use uplighting to add depth and dimension to your space. They are very advantageous for large exhibition stands because they balance the huge spaces and make them more visually appealing.

10. Use Decorative Lighting:

You can use decorative light elements like fairy lights and chandeliers to give a unique touch. However, while using them you should be wary of overusing light elements. Use them only if they add depth and intrigue to your displays.

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