5 Factors that Could Impact Your Trade Show Planning

Trade show planning requires a lot of time, discipline and foresight. The best practices for planning or being proactive in investing time; effort and resources in trade show planning will help you to attain the desired result. A trade show is an ideal platform for the exhibitors to showcase their latest innovation and products for the clients.

The question arises “Is there an exhaustive checklist which salespersons can make use of it for the success of a trade show event?” There is no specific answer to this question; you need to stick to a subsistence level checklist of five factors to attain the best result.

  1. Trade Show Venue Layout

Always gather concrete information on the trade show venue as the lack of information on the geographical may lead to footfall of the visitors, brand visibility and quality of lead generation. There are a lot of things comes into consideration while planning the trade shows. The first one is to take note of the city and the logistical routes and corresponding costs of transport. The second thing is the mobilization of heavy merchandise to the venue, go through the map of the layout inside the venue. Explore the total floor area and visualize the inflow and outflow of traffic.

  1. Neighbours at the Trade Show Venue

To survive the stiff competition, the first thing you need to work on is the neighbour trade show booth venue. In marketing, always know your neighbour before the trade show event registration. Inquire the detailed information on the other brands who have ensured the participation in the event. Also, see their exhibitor brand and their location.  The most important never hesitate to install your exhibit next to the competing brands in the same segment. It will help you in attracting the right traffic at your door.

  1. Analysis of Buyer Persona

Do a deep analysis of the buyer persona to meet your business prospect. This mapping will help you to choose the right inventory of products for display, the best exhibit booth rentals, the best marketing communication modes and an ideal trade show booth design ideas.

  1. Booth Design & Exhibits Inside the Booth

During the exhibition, get creative and combine the best of aesthetic senses and commercial value. You should think through the brand value proposition, the unique selling point of the brand and the brand positioning strategy.

Then synchronize these aspects to create an impressive brand messaging strategy.  Share the brand messaging strategy with the Exhibition Stand Building Company to attain the best trade show booth design ideas that could mirror the brand deliverables. Also, ask for the 3D visualizations and thematic graphical representations, it will give you a clear idea about the stand design and a visual interface which should be different from those of your immediate neighbours.

  1. Trade Show Budget

Identify the exact numbers as the trade show costs money, time, efforts and resources. A trade show budget is all about making sense of the outlay for the event. What counts at the end of the day is how the numbers for costs and sales stack up during the show.

For more clarity, involve personnel from the quality, marketing and finance departments. Then, identify expense overheads to the particulars and the objectives that they serve. Also, seek inputs on the sanctity of the brand messaging, revisit the 3D visualization and edit it to eliminate the wastes.

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