How digitalization will shape the exhibition industry?

Technology is rapidly changing the event experience and the expectations of the attendees. Trade show organizers have embraced the shift of change from passive thinking to engaging participants on the trade show floor. They are embracing the change and regard change as an opportunity.

There is tremendous potential in the new digital services and digital platforms, making it possible to match up supply and demand before, after, and during the trade show. Digital marketing platforms deliver new possibilities for value creation.

Digitalization is everywhere – on the show floor, in the customer’s exhibition experience. These changing trends of digitalization have greatly influenced the exhibition industry, resulting in new technological possibilities in your trade shows. It not only benefitted the event participants but also add value to the organizers.

The segment of live communication is getting a better response due to digitalization. The visitors are integrated more intensively and an organizer can stay in direct interaction with them. All this is possible through special software applications. For example, you can create a 3D animation of the event and plan each detail virtually, this not only minimizes the planning error but also save costs. The other factor that digitalization offers include lower paper consumption, digital control of lightning, and automated guest management.

The below points will let you know why digitalization is needed.

  • Know your online audience or market share

You need to know your online audience or what exactly the market share is. When you will research, you will find the different dynamics completely different from traditional channels. This platform possesses a different type of customer profile and behavior, propositions, competitors, and options for marketing communications. There are great tools available where we can find the level of client demand as how many clients are interested in your products or services and attract them towards your upcoming exhibition. You can reach them through Facebook, Instagram.

  • Dominant online value proposition

A well-defined online client value proposition customized according to the target client personas will help you to differentiate your online service. It encourages existing as well as new clients to stay engaged. Hence, use a content marketing strategy to attract your prospect on the day of the event. You can attract them through different channels like social media, email marketing, etc.

Hence, it is proved that digitalization is shaping the exhibition industry at a rapid speed. Are you planning to exhibit? Let Triumfo be your next stand contractor in Dubai.

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