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How Event Technology Can Enhance Your Visibility on the Floor?

What matters at exhibition shows is the aesthetic appeal, innovativeness, and visitor-friendly atmosphere. All of these can be achieved by integrating technology into your trade show booth. Nowadays, integrating technology has become more of a necessity than a choice. The competition at trade shows has vastly increased and exhibitors who don’t use the latest technology look obsolete. Thus, it is important to integrate technology and features of the latest standard. To make their stand look more professional, exhibitors tie up with a reliable exhibition stand contractor to get top visibility at trade shows. In this blog, let us peruse a few points to figure out the main advantages of incorporating technology in your exhibition booth. 

Reasons Why Technology Upgrades Your ROI at Exhibition Show:

With technology, you can streamline your delivery, amplify your reach, and increase visitor engagement at your exhibition show booth.

Modern Displays Boost Visitor Engagement:

Exhibition displays are one of the most significant facets of your exhibition stand. It is the first thing that any attendee notices about your brand. Banners and printouts work only to an extent. However, to induce a wow factor and capture your audience’s attention, you need sophisticated displays and descriptive graphics. Furthermore, these displays can entice emotive reactions from the customers that can lead to call-to-action. You can also include interactive touch screens that essentially put the visitors in the front seat of their experience. In this way, not only the visitors will learn about your brand and product portfolio in a better way, but you can also learn more about the customers. Using the data from the customers, you can make your marketing approach more data-driven and target only interested visitors. 

Videos Educate Your Visitors Comprehensively:

Instead of having a salesperson convey information about your brand, you can include a video in your trade show booth. However, exhibition show venues generally get very noisy on the trade show day. To counter that, you can have a headphone setup that will allow your visitors to tune in and watch the video. This will save your manpower and make your exhibition stand much more technology-centric. Similarly, you can also incorporate games, animations, and short videos to drive engagement.

Virtual Reality:

Visitors tend to drift toward brands that stay up-to-date with the latest technological evolutions. Virtual reality has taken the world by storm as it entails tremendous marketing and education potential. You can use virtual reality to comprehensively educate visitors about your fully-featured product and its real-time application. It is also a great way to showcase demonstrations and alleviate your brand identity. Adding virtual reality in your exhibition booth guarantees a distinctive buzz and ensures higher footfalls. However, it is important to link these visitors back to your business so that higher leads and ROI can be achieved.

Use Social Media Presence to Your Advantage:

You will likely receive higher footfalls if you market your participation beforehand. You can create attractive online banners and social media ads to inform visitors about the exhibition show and your participation. Visitors who have seen your ads on social media would likely visit your booth to learn more about your brand. Leveraging these impressions and shares would likely increase your brand awareness manifold even before the event has started.

Make Your Exhibition Show Participation More Data-driven:

To measure your performance at trade shows, you would require actual data. Using more smart pieces of types of equipment at your trade show booth, you can streamline your data and get a comprehensive assessment of your exhibition show performance. In this way, you can also simplify your on-site management. Another way you can adopt is by employing an end-to-end exhibition stand builder to get all services from a unified source.


You must use all the latest standards and features in your exhibition show booth to generate the top-most impact on your visitors. Incorporating technological facilities amplifies the appeal of your exhibition booth and creates a visitor-friendly vibe. Technology also helps in cutting down manual processes and streamlining your booth operations. To get the most out of the exhibition show, hire one of the professional exhibition stand design companies in Dubai. Choose to hire an end-to-end builder to get complete solutions on time.