How event technology can enhance your visibility on the floor?

While exhibiting, you always want your display to look great, and want your space to be a more interactive, and engaging atmosphere where your attendees stop by. To ensure that, incorporate the latest technology in your exhibition stand. As you know technology and trends continue to evolve. Now the question arises what type of interactive social media should be incorporated into the custom exhibition stands? And how can you be sure your stand attracts plenty of interest? The answer is very simple and straight, use the latest technology like engaging video, mobile apps, and social media to make your event a huge success.

The following tips will help you to enhance your business visibility.

Engaging Video

Whether you are looking to sell your product or service, a high-quality interactive video will be the best suitable option. It conveys the information in an appealing and digestible way. Video captures the attention of your prospect and answers any query related to the brand.

In some venues, it is very hard to accommodate video with sound. In such a scenario arrange headphones for the event. Additionally, you can also use touchscreen devices such as iPads to increase visitor engagement. So consider using informative video content, animations, and games that best match your business objectives.

Mobile Apps

Bespoke mobile apps can provide a complete resource for your exhibition. Nowadays mobile apps are used on the exhibition floor to convey information. The regular attendees of the trade show must be aware of the latest apps used in the exhibition and the impact they leave.

Create a web app to engage your current as well as potential clients. Through this app, the user can access important information, exhibit stand location, and real-time updates. The best part is that you can access all this information on your mobile. Apps can enhance your marketing efforts.

Social Media

Social media is a leading marketing tool with huge potential and cannot be avoided. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the industry, a well-planned social media marketing campaign can leave a huge impact on the success of the event. Promoting the event on social media will increase the footfall in your booth and enhance your brand visibility. There might be a possibility that it increases your sales figure.

Are you looking to include interactive social media tools for exhibition stand design in Dubai? For that, you need a successful media strategy. Either you can display live updates on the screen or display social media content. It will attract the attention of your users. You can also use a hashtag to drive more visitors to your post and follow. They will be so influenced that they will join in your social activity.

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