How much does it cost to set up a booth at an event?


Budgeting is the most important factor to deliberate upon during an exhibition. You have to draw your estimated expenditure, be it booking space in an exhibition, hiring an exhibition stand builder in Dubai, UAE or for other crew members. As an exhibitor, you have to be prepared for everything.

How much does it cost to set up a booth at an event? This is imperative to know because the time, money, and efforts you spend on your trade show exhibit contribute directly to the number of leads you’ll get at your next exhibition appearance.

It is useful to break down the expenses you can expect when you are exhibiting, as it can help you determine whether a particular event is worth attending by comparing your approximate expenses to the number of leads you expect to generate.


In order to find out the exhibition stand design cost, you should first consider how many shows you plan to attend. This would depend on the life of the booth because the working life of most exhibition stand builders is three to five years. If you think judiciously, you can spend wisely on your exhibition stand builder in Dubai.


A professional booth builder in Dubai, UAE will handle every aspect of the exhibition stand design, build and manufacture process, and would offer you a high-quality booth that is built according to your exact specification.

The exhibition stand design cost depends on various factors:

  1. Size of the booth
  2. Type and number of components it contains
  3. Type of material that is used

TRADE SHOW BOOTH COST: According to the Type of Booth

Trade show booth cost depends on the square-foot costs, which are based on the type of exhibition stand you want. Booth structural elements, including graphics, cases, crates, and lights are known as Square footage costs.

It is important to know that content and AV equipment are not included in the square footage costs. In some instances, furniture and flooring are included in the square footage costs, but that’s not general. These things need to be kept in mind while deciding on your exhibition stand builder in Dubai.

Types of booths can be divided into three categories:

  • Custom:

Custom exhibition stand designs cost a great deal. Those companies who are able to afford big financial liabilities often choose the custom exhibition stand design.

This trade show booth costs a lot because they are customized according to the exhibitor’s needs. You can pay more, to a get well-made custom trade show that would maximize your ROI and make a bigger impression during the exhibition.

  • Portable:

Portable trade show booth cost is much lower compared to the custom exhibition stand. As the name suggests, a portable trade show booth can be easily transported from one place to another. If the exhibit is small, it can be transported in your vehicle as well. If you are looking for a more economical option, then you should definitely go for Portable Booth Builder in Dubai, UAE.

  • Modular:

Modular Exhibition Stand design cost depends on the separate pieces that are attached to it. Modular trade show booth includes demonstration islands, display stands, and several other functional pieces. They are used in medium or large exhibitions. If you are going to exhibit in a big exhibition, then search for Modular Exhibition Stand Builder in Dubai.


Flooring creates a huge impact on the exhibition stand design cost. It would also impact the look and feel of your exhibition stand. Flooring costs depend on the size of your booth and the material that you choose.


Furniture costs fluctuate depending on the functions you intend for booth builders in Dubai. Furniture also contributes to the aesthetic angle of your exhibition stand design.


Customized graphics, digital display, complicated AV systems, and other variable feature that is used to persuade your audience will increase the exhibition stand design cost. If you do not use them, it will lower your trade show booth cost.


Trade show booth space impacts an exhibition stand design cost. Booth space costs depend on the following factors:

  • The city in which the show is located
  • The venue
  • The nature of the show, and
  • The space you rent


Breaking down the cost of an exhibition stand design helps you understand the significance of investment that would help generate leads and build your brand. Exhibition stand builder in Dubai like Triumfo International GmbH provides the best-in-class trade show booth solutions and services.

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