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How To Create High Impact Exhibition Stands That Talk About Your Business?

An exhibition stand design is the first thing that a visitor notices in an exhibition. It rouses the visual stimuli of the visitors and forces them to stop at your stand. However, if you simply book a space, spend a lot of money, and go through various hassles, just to get nothing, then you must know that something is not right. An exhibition stand design space is meaningful, only when it is delimited. You need to have the mastery to do it with a style, that excites the audience and talks about your business.

Triumfo Exhibition Organizing LLC, one of the leading exhibition stand builders designs an exhibition stand that will speak on your behalf. If you also want to create high-impact exhibition stands that talk about your business, then we would like to share some of our ideas that will benefit you in the longer run. Try these ideas to stand out from the pool of exhibitors:


If you are a product based make sure to portray your products in a new way. Rather than simply displaying your products on a stand, think of something out of the box. For instance, if you are a wood company, showcase your wood products through the stands or tables. If you are selling alcoholic beverages, set up a mock-up brewery. If you are a chocolate company, showcase the process or ingredients you use to make chocolates. This exercise will set you apart from other exhibitors, thereby talking about your business in a creative way.


Since, we are in the digital age, technology is something that will excite the attendees. You can either give them free Wi-Fi since everybody nowadays carries a phone, or you can set up virtual reality to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Making use of technology will set you apart from your competitors, and will show that your brand is tech-savvy. They can use modern technology to talk about their products and services.


Making use of lights is a great idea. It definitely creates a high-impact modular exhibition stand design that talks about your business. Lighting strips, LED lights, or spotlights can make your attendees see your products in a different light. Moreover, setting up lights according to your brand colors will make you distinguish from your competitors. Lighting will create a memorable experience, so don’t miss out on this idea.


If you want to generate a strong call to action, you can get people to perform a simple yet fun and effective action. For instance, you can install a photo booth, where people can get themselves clicked and use your hashtag while posting on social media. This simple exercise will make you reach a wider audience. Furthermore, you can also provide a special gift to the person with maximum likes.


Giveaways and freebies are a common practice. Most of the time, they are of no use and are kept in the depths of the drawer. If you don’t want this to happen, you can give away some unique and innovative freebies. Examples could be, wallets, sunglasses, reusable thermos coffee holders, phone holders, etc. Do add your logo to whichever product you offer. This will make sure a strategic brand placement. You can either have your logo printed or chiseled onto it.


An exhibition is not just for display purposes, but you can also educate your audience. Provide a learning experience to your visitors, that will make you a thought leader. In order to become a thought leader, you can make use of product demonstrations, or have an informational and interactive booth. These services will allow visitors to educate themselves.

Hence, these were some top ways you can create high-impact exhibition stands that talk about your business.


Do you also want to create high-impact exhibition stands that talk about your business? If yes, then contact Triumfo Exhibition Organizing LLC. We are one of the leading trade show booth builders. We offer turnkey exhibiting services. We not only write about impactful ideas but also provide solutions so that you can host successful exhibitions. As one of the leading exhibition stand contractors, we always go the extra mile to build the most unique and engaging exhibition stand design. We aim to build an exhibition stand that will reflect the value of our client’s brand.

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