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How To Improve Your Exhibition Stand Appearance And Functionality

An exhibition is the best place to launch a new product, generate leads, enter a new market, or simply know about the industry. An exhibition can only be complete if you have an exhibition stand design. Stand design is the first thing that visitors observe while entering the exhibition. It is the exhibition stand that adds extra excitement and thrill to the minds of the attendees.

An exhibition stand design can only attract an audience if it is built by a professional exhibition stand builder. The trade show booth builder should be experienced and skilled enough to design the exhibition stand. However, we will not go into that topic, because today we will be discussing how to improve your exhibition stand appearance and functionality.

The moment you decide to participate in an exhibition, start brainstorming about your exhibition stand design. Since an exhibition stand is like a brochure of a company, it has to be the best in appearance and functionality.


The aesthetic value of an exhibition stand is its appearance. The way a stand design looks matters the most. In order to improve the appearance of your exhibition stand design, ask your exhibition stand builder to work on the following things:

  • Design and Interior

The exhibition stand design should be planned in such a way, that it balances with the products that you offer. The design should neither be too flashy nor too understated. It should harmonize with your brand and its colors. Moreover, the interior of the custom exhibition stand must be designed in a way that does not look congested. Overfilling your booth with numerous products and sitting areas can create chaos. Rather than jamming the exhibition stand design with all your products, put some selected products. The design should have a welcoming vibe.

  • Colors

Instead of using different colors for your exhibition booth design, incorporate your brand’s colors. This will add a sense of unity to your stand. Matching the colors with the brand’s logo will make your attendees remember you, because of your distinct color combination. Try this method and make your stand’s appearance look more attractive.

  • Lights

A dimly-lit booth is not welcoming. So, add lights that make your stand look luminous and warm. Enhance your stand’s look by adding spotlights, LED strip lights, display lights, etc. Effective use of lights will make your exhibition stand design visible and set the right ambiance for your booth.

  • Choice of Materials

Even the choice of materials can impact the appearance of your stand. Use the best quality material to give your stand a sense of robustness and sturdiness. The ambient luster works wonders for your stand. If you want to display something heavy, you need a material that adds strength to your exhibition booth. If you want to use your stand for a longer time, you need flexibility, and so on and so forth. Hence, choose an exhibition stand design material that will suit your exhibiting need.


Since we have discussed the appearance part, let’s move on to the other part of the blog. That is, how to improve the functionality of the booth.

The functionality of the exhibition booth design depends upon the motive behind participating in an exhibition. If you decide on the reason for exhibiting, it will help a lot while improving the functionality of your stand.

Here are some of the exhibiting goals that impact the functionality: to launch a product, generate leads, communicate with a wider audience, enter into a new market, etc.

To improve on the exhibition stand functionality, follow the points below:

  • Design an interior that makes room for further interaction
  • Have an effective crowd management
  • You need to have enough hosts so that they meet and interact with every visitor coming inside the exhibition stand
  • Moreover, there should be enough space for a visitor to walk out of the stand, after their interaction is over. You would not want a huge line of attendees standing inside the stand blocking other people’s way
  • Make a proper plan for space utilization, so that there is enough space for products, attendees, and your hosts as well


These were some of the ways in which you can improve your exhibition stand appearance and functionality. Utilize these points to have a successful exhibition.

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