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How to Keep the Exhibition Stand Personnel Motivated Throughout the Trade Show?

If you have ever worked in an exhibition stand, you know how hard is to match the expectations of the client. It’s often a case of survival of the fittest. In such a scenario, motivation plays a vital role. Staying motivated helps you to attain the client’s objective during the exhibition. Personal motivation, manager inspiration, and team spirit keep the staff motivated throughout the exhibition.

Personal Motivation:

Those who represent your company at the exhibition must be helpful, courteous, and have a professional demeanor. Then only they can strengthen the company’s image as well as attract new clients. Your booth personnel must be chosen carefully based on their knowledge of the company’s products and services. Moreover, each booth personnel must have one personal goal they want to achieve. All these things will not only increase accountability and productivity. It also builds motivation. At pre-show meetings, your booth personnel should be encouraged to share their goals with their co-workers. Then, at the post-show meeting, they must brief how many goals they have achieved.

Manager Inspiration:

The top management should be supportive of the company’s tradeshow activities. They can do this by participating in pre and post-show activities like helping them on the custom exhibition stands and taking part in training programs.

Let the team know what is expected from them and provide the necessary training to do their job professionally. All these preparations in hand might result in remarkable results.

A manager should be responsible for creating a positive, fun, and reinforcing environment. Rewards and personal recognition should be implemented to encourage higher levels of performance. When the company’s goals are achieved in the form of new orders and qualified leads, they must be rewarded to boost their productivity. Managers should know their staff members and what motivates them and work accordingly to produce a positive result.

Team Spirit:

The booth personnel working at your stand should work together as a team. They must help each other whenever and wherever necessary. Spilt your staff into teams with technical people working alongside sales personnel. Encourage them to establish a plan of action for the trade shows. Managers should create an environment where they don’t hesitate to pull out all their socks to succeed.

In the pre-show meetings, they must develop a level of trust and understand each other’s strengths. They must work together with a single motto to achieve the company’s exhibiting goals. All these things will improve performance and make each day better than the previous one.

Triumfo brings a new and refreshing approach to the team spirit to get desired results. So if you have any plans of exhibiting in the upcoming show, contact us. Triumfo Exhibition Organizing LLC is the leading exhibition stand contractor in Dubai. We build engaging exhibition stands. We encourage our staff to have a winning attitude on the floor. Our manufacturing unit is located in Ajman.

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