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How to Select an Exhibition Company for Your Event?

Exhibition events are fantastic opportunities for businesses to promote their brand and elevate their customer base. Exhibiting at the right event, exhibitors get a tremendous platform to get industry exposure and access to potential clients. Mostly, it is a great chance for the exhibitors to showcase their services and products to the visitors to generate leads and get feedback. However, considering the popularity of the exhibition shows in the modern world, the competition has become extremely intense. Therefore, it is essential to get your exhibition booth built by a reliable exhibition stand contractor. But, how will you know whether the contractor you are hiring is suitable for you or not? In this blog, let us explore a few points that suggest the facets you need to take care of while choosing your stand builder.

Ensure That They Have the Right Track Record:

Your exhibition stand builder must have an adequate level of experience and a proven track record in booth building. Check their industry experience and their portfolio to find out whether they are the right fit for your project. You can figure out their capability by checking their past work. Take a look at their designs and see their creative caliber to deliver effective and aesthetically appealing booths. Furthermore, booth builders should have some work experience in your industry. 

Do They Have the Right Global Exposure?

Experienced booth builders have the right global exposure and experience in delivering projects at different venues. They know all the ins and outs of diverse cultures, logistic challenges, and rules and regulations. Such builders have the right technical expertise and knowledge of details to keep the exhibitors at ease. Therefore, proceed to hire an exhibition stand builder who has great global exposure in the trade show industry. Such booth builders can offer solutions specific to a country, venue, and industry.

Booth Builders Must be Highly Responsive:

Even if you hire an expert stand builder, seldom do you see that things are 100 percent smooth. Situations and evolving demands arise and your booth builder must be quick to respond to that. Therefore, even if you hire an experienced booth builder, ensure that they are highly responsive. They must be flexible enough to adapt to changes in design, needs, and the environment. Professional booth builders also offer a dedicated project manager to coordinate all the exhibitor needs and feedback before, during, and after the project. In this way, exhibitors don’t have to struggle to get progress reports and answers to their queries. Project Managers act as a single point of contact and ensure that exhibitors get a hassle-free event experience. 

Check Whether They Can Give End-to-End Solutions:

If you hire separate professionals for designing, manufacturing, installation, and dismantling, you would have to spend a lot of time coordinating the project. However, in an end-to-end solution, you get streamlined services from a single booth builder. They render a complete range of services starting from conceptualization to dismantling and warehousing. From start to finish, you get a single-point solution, which helps retain your overall productivity in your business. In this way, your normal workflow wouldn’t get hampered and you can focus more on core business tasks. 

Do They Have In-house Teams?

Hiring a booth builder with in-house teams is extremely beneficial for the exhibitors. Having in-house teams for designing, manufacturing, logistics, installing, etc. ensures great accountability and on-time delivery. Moreover, since there are no third parties involved, booth builders help exhibitors save expenses and maximize their profitability. As an exhibitor, you also get the freedom to smoothly get the design changes you want without any trouble. Some booth builders also offer transportation facilities and vehicles to ensure that there is minimum trouble in logistics and that the booth gets delivered to the venue on time.


Finding the right booth builder is an arduous but one of the most critical tasks of the exhibitors. Since a fine and high-quality custom exhibition stand design is the cornerstone of a successful exhibition, it is imperative to partner with a professional booth builder. Professional booth builders have the required technical expertise and global exposure to deliver quality standards in a hassle-free manner. Get your finely tuned exhibition stand developed by expert booth builders. Use the criteria mentioned in the blog to find out whether the booth developer is the right fit for your brand.