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How To Select The Perfect Size For Your Exhibition Stand?

Getting the right exhibition stand involves many intricacies yet if you get it right, you can lay the foundation for the overall success of your exhibition booth. Multifarious factors impact your decision making such as design, style, and size. Your exhibition stand must be distinctive, aesthetically pleasing, and flexible with the space constraints. It requires thoughtful consideration and thus, it is imperative to get input from a trustworthy exhibition booth contractor before making a final decision. In this blog, let us figure out what factors you must keep in mind before picking your exhibition stand size.

The Type of Exhibition:

The first thing your exhibition stand size will depend on is the type of exhibition. Determine whether you are planning to exhibit at a high-end exhibition or a low-profile exhibition. Carry out a little research about the venue and type of companies that have participated in previous fairs. This will give you a comprehensive idea about your competitors and the quality you must ensure in your exhibition booth. Figure out the average size that exhibitors keep at the venue and the improvements you can make to that. Finding the right size will help you make your exhibition booth look a lot more distinctive.

Your Product Catalogue:

You might not need a double-decker stand if your product range is small. Thus, before finding the right size, it is crucial to select the products you want to display at the exhibition show. Then, depending on your staff size and product portfolio, you can go for the small or big-sized stand. Essentially, your booth must augment your brand image and product type. For example, if the exhibitors are in the automobile industry, then the booth must look large and glamorous. In another case, an exhibitor from the toy industry can go for a small yet lively-looking booth.

Exhibition Stand Conceptualization:

After you have decided on the product you want to showcase, you need to figure out what else your exhibition stand must have. Exhibitors keep a variety of features in their exhibition stand such as stunning displays, interactive graphics, projections, AR-VR devices, selfie booths, etc. to drive engagement. While conceptualizing your exhibition stand, determine how you would want to showcase your products. Also, determine whether you need a separate setup to educate your audience about your upcoming products. Keep in mind that your booth size must be large enough to highlight all important aspects of your brand.

Be Careful with Your Venue Location:

Pick the exhibition stand size keeping in mind the location of your setup at the venue. Your booth must fit perfectly at the location and must not look out of place. Additionally, depending on whether you are exhibiting near the entrance, corners, or intersection, you can figure out the right size. One more thing you must keep in mind is that your exhibition booth must have room for large displays everywhere so that you can attract visitors from all corners. Get insights from a reliable exhibition builder to ensure that you are selecting the right location for your custom exhibition booth installation.

Find Out the Manpower and Time You Need to Install the Booth:

If you are not opting for an end-to-end solution, you need to hire a third-party source for your exhibition booth installation. You can also go for the installation yourself if you have adequate manpower and time. If you are proceeding with the installation with your resources, you need to carefully consider the size. A complex and large booth requires more resources and time. You need to have the right idea about the potential of your installation team before choosing a complex design. Thus, instead of going into so many intricacies, you can hire a top-level booth developer who renders turnkey solutions and end-to-end services. With years of experience and global exposure, a professional booth builder knows exactly what size fits in a location and how much time it would take to install the booth.

Partner with Booth Builders That Offer Multiple Types and Sizes:

There are several types of exhibition stands available in the market such as modular stands, double-decker stands, portable stands, custom stands, country pavilion stands, etc. You can also select booths with multiple sizes such as 10X20, 20X20, 30X40, 40X40, etc. Hire a booth builder that can deliver you booths in multiple sizes and types. Moreover, booth builders with in-house manufacturing teams can easily scale the services in future setups and add new features as per the requirement.


To improve performance at exhibition shows, you need to tick all the boxes. Even if you get one aspect wrong, your overall ROI can come down. It is imperative to foresee how the attendees would perceive your booth and figure out steps you can take to improve their first impression. There are a multitude of strategies you can employ, but it is critical to start with the basics. The blog takes you through a few points that discuss the parameters that impact the right exhibition stand size. For quality booth-building services, trust only the experienced exhibition builder in Dubai who offers turnkey solutions at affordable prices. Request for free design from a reliable service provider like Triumfo to kickstart your trade show preparation.