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How To Stand out With Your 20×20 Trade Show Booth Rental

The popularity of exhibitions is rising more than ever. This is because trade shows or exhibitions offer brands the perfect place to promote their brand and display their offerings. Moreover, trade shows allow an exhibitor to directly interact with their customers and get their feedback. However, being able to have a successful trade show is not easy. Trade Show Booth Rentals are the most important aspect of a trade show.

The 20×20 trade show booth rentals are one of the prevalent booth rental designs in exhibitions. The 20×20 booth rental is not much expensive, plus not huge for smaller spaces. Since a 20×20 booth is a common size, it becomes imperative to make your 20×20 trade show booth rental differ from other exhibitors.

Many times, a 20×20 booth rental falls flat. However, with the help of an experienced and proficient trade show booth builder, you can easily design an amazing 20×20 trade show booth.


  • Early Planning- Whenever you decide to participate in a trade show, you should plan early. Early planning will let you have enough time to prepare for different things. You can avoid your encounter with last-minute issues. Plan at least a year before your trade show, so that you can set your exhibiting goals and strategize accordingly.
  • Construct an inviting space- If you want to fulfil your exhibiting goal, then you should ensure that your booth is inviting. In order to make your trade show booth open and inviting, you need to work on every corner of your booth. Instead of showcasing your every product, display some specific ones. Rather than packing your space with furniture, arrange them with ease. So that there is enough space to walk. Try to keep your booth rental clean and clear. You can even add seating or a lounge area, to make your attendees get comfortable.
  • Build your booth upwards- Although there is space constraint during an exhibition, you can make use of your 20×20 trade show booth rentals to the maximum level. In order to increase space, consider building up a deck over your 20×20 booth rental. This area can be used as a semi-private meeting area, or you can use it as per your requirement. This extra space will provide your customers with some privacy that will help you in closing a deal.
  • Make your Branding visible from different angles- Communicate with your audience by telling your brand story from different directions. Make sure the signage that you use is visible from multiple angles. This will provide you with an interconnected space, and allow your visitors to understand your brand from any direction they arrive. You can also position products or reception counters at numerous places.
  • Plan out your Placement of products- Every exhibitor wants to exhibit every single product they have. However, this is not practically possible. This setting will make your attendees get confused. To avoid that, plan out the placement of products beforehand in your 20×20 trade show booth rentals. A more organized and clear setting will grab the viewer’s attention and assist you in fulfilling your exhibiting goal.
  • Think about Giveaways- Free gifts or giveaways allure customers. Offer something that will be beneficial for them. You can serve snacks. Since visitors roam around the exhibiting floor all day, they often get tired. So you can offer them water and buns, or cookies. Or else you can offer them personalized gifts. Setting up a charging station at your modular trade show booth can also drive traffic toward your booth.

These were some tips that can make your brand stand out with 20×20 trade show booth rentals.

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