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What are the Major Exhibition Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid?

Want to create a long-lasting impact in exhibitions and trade shows? Go with stunning exhibition stand designs while avoiding some common mistakes. Your exhibition stand represents your business on the exhibition floor. Its bad impression can spoil the image of your whole brand.

If you are courteous to know more about prominent mistakes that exhibitors often commit with their exhibition stands, you are at the right place. 

Discover 7 major offenses you need to avoid, as suggested by the eminent exhibition stand suppliers:

1. Not Complying with Rules and Regulations

Every exhibition venue has its own set of rules and regulations regarding exhibition stands. It may be related to height, safety, electrical, sound, or lighting constraints. Consult your organizers before beginning the exhibition stand design and build process to know such obligations. Incorporate them smartly in your stand design.

2. Ignoring Target Audience

Grabbing the attention of your target audience is the major objective of participating in an exhibition. If you are dealing in toys and children's products, you need to have vibrant colors and designs in your exhibition stand. However, if your business belongs to IT-based products, you need to have a sophisticated approach. Know your target audience and design your exhibition stand accordingly.

3. Abrupt Graphics and Fonts

Graphics and fonts on your exhibition stands are crucial parts of your brand messaging. Use relevant graphics related to the product, brand, and industry. Keep your messages concise, meaningful, and easy to comprehend. Put the crucial messages as close as possible to the height of eyesight. Ensure your target customers can grab your message almost instantly and smoothly.

4. Bad Lighting

Even stunning graphics and bold brand messaging will not be able to draw promising traffic to your exhibition booth if light arrangements are not satisfactory. Make sure you have an ample amount of lighting (neither too dark nor too bright) for every corner of your exhibition booth.

5. Outdated Design

Just like any other activity, exhibition stand design also witnesses the rise and fall of trends. Certain design aspects were popular till a few years ago, but not now. Incorporating digital touchscreens, and AR/VR technology tools is on the rise whereas the fish-bowl technique for collecting visiting cards does not take many takers now. Seek professional assistance to know and implement the latest trendy exhibition design elements.

6. Overlooking Branding

One of the major objectives of exhibitions and trade shows is to provide brand exposure. These events bring together a huge set of relevant audiences for exhibitors. As an exhibitor, you need to make sure that you are effectively spreading brand awareness. Ensure using consistent branding elements throughout your exhibition stand design.

7. Abrupt Movement

Functionality should be equally prioritized as aesthetics for an exhibition stand. There is no benefit of stunning visuals if you can’t accommodate a fair number of visitors or are not able to demonstrate your products conveniently. Ensure smooth foot movement and avoid any physical barrier that may come across during interaction between booth staff and visitors.

Always Hire Professionals for Exhibition Stand Construction:

Exhibitions offer brilliant opportunities to enhance your brand value and boost your business growth rate. Gain the maximum advantages of such events while avoiding any most common exhibition stand mistakes. Collaborate with us and let the most reliable exhibition stand company in Dubai empower your brand to leave a long-lasting impression on your visitors at exhibitions and trade shows.