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Most Common Exhibition Stand Mistakes You Must Avoid

It’s a say that wise learner always learns from their mistakes but a smart marketer is the one who learns from other marketers’ mistakes instead of making one. Sometimes mistakes in business can lead to a huge loss for your brand and you might not get a second chance. So, it’s better to learn from others and avoid making the same for your brand or business especially when you are putting lots of effort into something like participating in trade shows.

We know how much it takes to participate in events like business exhibitions or trade shows. And in all the planning and hassle a lot of exhibitors often ignore things that might appear trivial to them but in reality, can make a huge impact on your exhibition stand. Often these mistakes are related to booth design and booth staffing and both of these things are part of your brand reflection at an exhibition.

So, we are here to let you know about the mistakes that are commonly made by exhibitors and lower the impact of their exhibition stand and eventually on their brand. After learning about them you can not only smartly avoid these mistakes but also achieve your marketing goals at a trade show and come across as a professional and customer-centric brand

Keeping an Unwelcoming Posture:

This is a common mistake made by the professionals or staff members present at the exhibit. How would you feel if you visited a showroom and the staff members kept sitting in an unprofessional posture? Of course, you won’t feel like talking and leaving the place at once. The same is true with your custom exhibition stand. All the staff members at the stand must look approachable with a welcoming attitude. All of them must wear a smile as this will make visitors feel pleasant and will give a positive vibe to visitors.

Insufficient Booth Staffing:

This is the most commonly seen exhibition stand mistake. Insufficient booth staff at your exhibition stand is the most unprofessional mistake. Imagine you have visitors at your booth but you do not have any staff to attend them. Now imagine the impression this will make of your brand on the minds of visitors. If you have medium or large-sized trade show booths then make sure that you have adequate staffing onboard and do not leave any visitor unattended. There must be enough people to manage work like demonstrations, product sampling, and booth reception.

Barriers Due to Color or Lighting Contrasts:

Never undervalue the effect of extreme contrasts in your exhibition stand. They are capable of creating visual barriers that you might not even notice as an exhibitor. But as a visitor, it will have a subconscious effect on your psychology. Before you finalize your exhibition stand design, you must ask the trade show authorities about the type or color of the floor. You need to ensure that your stand flooring is not in contrast with the exhibition flooring

Building a low-quality Exhibition Stand:

This is the most crucial point that exhibitors must keep in mind. You cannot afford to build a low-quality exhibition stand where all the exhibitors are doing their best. Because of your low-quality booth, you will leave a bad impression and will end up being secluded at the event