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Questions To Ask Your Event Contractor Before The Event

Participating in an exhibition may sound easy, but it is one of the most difficult tasks. There are thousands of preparations that need to be done. For instance, booking a location on the exhibit floor, working on the promotional aspect, booking exhibition stand contractors, and many other exhibition responsibilities.

Booking an exhibition stand builder is one of the most important and challenging tasks. However, this issue can also be solved, if you ask exhibition companies a certain set of questions.

To help you out, we have selected some of the important questions that you should ask your event contractor before the event.

“What type of events you have worked on? Can we have a look at your portfolio?”

This question will make you understand the variety of events your exhibition stand contractors have worked on. Plus, asking about the portfolio will help you understand the range of exhibition stand designs they have built. It is essential to know whether or not your events and exhibition companies have staff who are capable of working on your type of project.

“What services do you offer? Do you offer turnkey exhibiting services or not?”

As a client of an exhibition stand builder, it is important to be aware of the services they offer. Do they only design and manufacture your stand? Or do they offer shipping services? Will they help in the installation and dismantling of the stand? Ask these questions before finalizing your exhibition stand contractor. A good exhibition stand builder will offer turnkey exhibition services that will help you with every aspect involved in the exhibition stand design.

“Are you updated with the current market trends?”

Being updated with the current exhibition stand design trends is very important to make a name during the exhibition. Ask your events and exhibition companies how they stay updated with the current market trends. Do they have a person to take care of the research, or do they use some application to stay updated? This will ensure better input for your exhibition.

“Who will be working on the exhibition stand design?”

Does your exhibition stand contractor have a project management team to handle different events? Or who will be the person, who will update you on the day-to-day development of the stand? You can ask several other questions, like will there be a team of people who will be working on my exhibition booth design? Who will be the coordinator on-site? A good exhibition stand builder will offer you a project manager who will work with you and be available whenever you need him/her.

“Which services are included in the fee?”

It is the most important thing to know what is included in the quotation provided by your modular exhibition standbuilder. So, that you don’t get overheads more than your expected budget. Ask your events and exhibition companies, that the budget covers every exhibiting aspect (designing, manufacturing, shipping, installation, dismantling, storage, etc.). Plus, if there are any extra charges, then how is it calculated? Moreover, be sure of the total costs that are associated with their services. You should be aware of when the payment should be cleared. And in which form will the payment be accepted, cash, cheque, or any other method?

“What is the refund and cancellation policy?”

This is another important question that you should ask your event contractor before the event. If in case, you have to postpone or cancel your event, will your exhibition stand contractor charge you? Go through their refund and cancellation policies, mentioned in the contract to be completely aware of the procedures

Moreover, ask your exhibition stand builder, that if the exhibition gets canceled due to some unforeseen circumstances, will you have to pay? However, these things don’t happen usually, but you should be clear on these lines.

“Are you ready for any emergency?”

Ask your exhibition stand contractors, if they will be able to handle any emergency or any other request during the event. Do they have analytical skills to solve a problem?


Do ask your exhibition stand contractors these important questions. This will cover every aspect of their working procedure, and give you a hint of their passion and professionalism. This will let you take a step forward to a successful exhibiting experience.

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