Tips to Design an Awesome Exhibition Stand UAE

Intersec Dubai 2023

Read on to learn about the various tips to design an awesome exhibition stand:

#1. Establish the Goals of your Brand:

Firstly, define the objective of organizing an exhibition stand at a business event. Also, what would be the message of your brand? An ideal exhibition stand comprises the features of your business, values, and terms of service.

Always remember these goals.

#2. Target Audience:

Next, you got to think about your target consumers.

Make sure your exhibition stand design and construction UAE focuses on the requirements and tastes of your customers. This is a great way to retain existing customers and draw new ones.

#3. Space Maximization:

You need to reap the best rewards of the total space that has been allotted to you.

Some trade shows let businesses exhibit up to nearly 6 meters or even 20 feet. If permitted, make the best use of this height. Utilize the space to display the logo of your brand properly.

#4. Text:

Maintain the principle of brevity in your exhibition text. Avoid using complete sentences. Rather prefer single ‘power words’ that would communicate the message of your brand.

Use action verbs.

#5. Graphics:

Great images can replace endless sentences for putting across your message.

Focus on life-sized images and the ones that might be capable of influencing consumer behavior. Now place your brand logo along with the graphics.

#6. Lighting:

People can read your text and follow the graphics if your stand has effective lighting facilities. It can also highlight the important products or services.

Angled lightboxes can be placed near the entrance of the exhibition booth to attract attendees.

The different types of exhibition stand we offer are:

  • Custom exhibition stand
  • Modular exhibition stand
  • Portable exhibition stand
  • Country Pavilion
  • Two storey exhibition stand

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