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Top Elements of a Perfect Exhibition Booth Design Dubai

Nowadays, you can offer maximum exposure to your brand. This can be achieved by participating in trade show events regularly and setting up a fantastic exhibition booth. You can flaunt your services or products at such events sending a message to potential customers. However, you need to be different from your competitors, if you dream of outdoing them in the long run!

Continue reading if you want to know about the top elements of a perfect exhibition booth design and construction Dubai:


Graphics play a crucial role in making your exhibition booth stand out from the others. So opt for full-sized, colorful graphics that carry the message of your brand to your customers.

It is better if high-resolution graphics are utilized.

Branding and Logo:

The name of your brand as well as the logo must be placed at the front and the central portion of the booth. Some brands prefer table runners to achieve this look. Now offer a link to your website so that people can contact you.

The logo should be placed at eye level.


Good lighting instantly adds a Midas touch to the display of an exhibition booth. It helps customers follow whatever is written along with the graphics. Besides, it illuminates the shadowed areas, sidewalls, and back walls.


Technology connects people and builds bridges. Therefore, it would be a wise idea to use interactive touch screens and videos to demonstrate processes and testimonials.

You can tweet a photo of customers interacting with you, or post a photo on Facebook.

Promotional Items:

People are more likely to drop in at your booth if you offer tempting giveaways. Promotional items can grab the attention of the attendees, apart from acting as a good business reminder.

It also provides contact information for potential customers.

We offer complete exhibition services in the UAE for worldwide clients. And, we have our vehicle for transporting the shipment booth to the exhibition center. We have our own design and manufacturing unit in Poland and Germany. The types of exhibition stand we offer are:

  • Custom exhibition stand
  • Modular exhibition stand
  • Portable exhibition stand
  • Country Pavilion
  • Two Storey exhibition stand