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Trade Show Management Tips, Tricks & Advice

Unbeknownst to many, participating at trade fairs as an exhibitor is crucial to a company’s marketing strategy, whether it be a multimillion-dollar corporation or a tiny start-up seeking to break into the market. However, running a trade show exhibit is not a simple operation. A trade show management company such as Triumfo, which also works as an exhibition stand manufacturer in Dubai has several specialists who help in executing their plan. Arranging an exhibition is a significant undertaking that calls for meticulous preparation, attention to detail, perseverance, and endurance.

Following are a few tips, tricks, and advice one should follow as a trade show booth builder:

Make A To-Do List:

Even though it may seem simple, creating a master list of tasks and due dates is an essential first step in event preparation. When you have everything you need, it is simpler to group objects into groups like demo, staff, or booth. Check the event website to see a checklist and due dates. It is probably best to do this in tandem with your exhibition stand manufacturer.

Keep the Signage Simple:

You want your booth displays and signs to be engaging and appealing. Consider your custom trade show booth from the viewpoint of a bystander or someone unfamiliar with your product or service. Consider whether the messaging provides a detailed explanation that leaves an impact in the fewest feasible terms. Keep your signs straightforward since they will be more likely to draw attention and stop people in their tracks. Many trade show management teams use this to increase their chances of exposure.

Have A Good Follow-Up System?

If a lead is not followed up on, it is worthless. Specify the procedure for contacting contacts, including who will be in charge of following up and how leads will be distributed among team members. The week after an event, while talks are still fresh in everyone’s memory is the greatest time to contact leads. Set a time limit for follow-up as a result, such as no later than a full week following an occurrence. 

Wear Eye-Catching Attire:

Polo shirts with logos are ordinary. Consider spicing up the staff uniforms, whether it’s with a splash of color or a unique item if you truly want to stand out. Try and be part of the display for trade shows (not in a literal sense), but rather as a part of the whole package.

Choose the Right Employees:

Employ people who are outgoing, eloquent, and knowledgeable about your product to work your booth. Note: Even for industry veterans, be sure to give training and discussion points. Employees should be enthusiastic and focused; they should start interacting with clients and potential clients right away.

Generate A Lead Retrieval System:

Establishing a lead retrieval procedure is essential since it is well-known that trade exhibitions can be a goldmine for sales leads. It is advisable to hire portable scanners, which are frequently provided by the company organizing the event (or via a contracted service). Rent more than one scanner if you anticipate a regular stream of customers; otherwise, your team will be continually fumbling for the one scanner. After that, be sure to enter all of your contacts into your CRM program and designate them as leads from that particular show. These are the basics of trade show management that not a lot of people follow.