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Types of Trade Show Displays And Standard Exhibition Booth Sizes

Different businesses have different visions, brand identity, and trade show ideas. According to their requirements, they select the custom exhibition stand design and exhibit sizes that suit them the most. Trade show booths come in a broad range of styles, layouts, and functionalities. Finding the right exhibit is imperative for your business goals and brand objectives. But how will you know whether the trade show booth is right for your brand? You can start by informing yourself about the range of types and different sizes. In this blog, let us explore in detail the distinct trade show display types and booth sizes.

Popular Trade Show Display Types:

Trade show displays differ in type based on portability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and accessories. Let us study a few major types in this section -

Portable Trade Show Display:

Portable displays are known for their convenience and are a go-to option for exhibitors who want a quick solution. Exhibitors find it easy to assemble, disassemble, transport, and sort portable displays. Yet, they come in a variety of types and designs with some looking more elegant than others. The main types of portable displays for exhibition shows include tension fabric displays, tabletop displays, banner display stands, hanging structures, outdoor displays, and pop-up displays.

Modular Trade Show Display:

These are uniquely designed displays that can be easily reconfigured as per the space and booth size. Essentially, you can easily reconfigure and fit a 10X20 modular exhibit system into a 10X10 exhibit. You can also transform 20X20 modular island displays into three distinct sizes. It is an effective display to give a personalized and professional look to your trade show booth. Generally, modular displays are lightweight and portable. You can easily tie up with a suitable exhibition stand builder to get any size and shape of modular display you want.

Rental Displays:

These are cost-effective displays and enable exhibitors to experiment with different layouts and designs. With rental displays, exhibitors don’t have to worry about purchasing, reusing, or storing displays. If exhibitors are not sure of their marketing strategies, they don’t have to settle for one stand. Additionally, rental displays can be modular and customizable depending on the exhibitor’s preference. Exhibitors can also change their displays from show to show and make changes to their overall presentation.

Custom Displays:

There are multifarious off-the-shelf solutions, but sometimes none of them can satisfy the specific needs of an exhibitor. In that case, exhibitors can go for the custom displays and incorporate the innovative features that they want. In custom displays, exhibitors have the option of factoring in their brand vision, intended audience, and overall marketing strategy in the design. Exhibitors have complete freedom to take care of all the details and personalize the display to your brand identity. It is an effective option to stand out at the venue and make a great brand statement.

Trade Show Booth Sizes:

Exhibitors can select various sizes of booths based on availability, venue, industry, and nature of the show. Let us see some popular sizes of the booths recognized in the trade show industry.


A 10X10 trade show booth offers a smaller and affordable setup which you can use to optimize your reach. Even with a smaller size, you can employ powerful marketing strategies to attract high footfalls. In a 10X10 booth, it is important to optimize the available space and strategically use displays to maximize visibility.


A 10X20 booth offers a slightly larger footprint than a 10X10 booth, which you can use to showcase your products better. You can ensure optimal spaciousness in your booth to allow visitors to walk freely and feel at ease. It opens the door for more conversation and marketing, which are crucial at trade shows.


With a 20X20 exhibition show booth size, you can maximize your exposure and make a statement at the event. You can include multiple points of access using which visitors can enter the booth and interact with your team. You can also freely include more products to display at the exhibition show. With more space, you can also include more features and scale your presence without sacrificing your staff and products.


Choosing the right size and display for your exhibition show is crucial for your brand image and ROI. The blog explores popular types of exhibition show displays and the sizes of booths you should know. It is important to carefully consider your budget, needs, and goals before selecting a type and size. Choose a reliable builder for your exhibition stand construction and get a tailor-made booth for your needs. Get in touch with a professional to know which stand size and display type is right for your brand.