Types of Trade Show Displays and Standard Exhibition Booth Sizes

trade show displays

Trade show displays, ranging from tiny portable trade show displays to bigger bespoke and customized modular trade show displays. When it concerns selecting the best exhibition booth size for your company, larger isn’t always better. Choosing the correct trade show booth sizes for your brand is a careful balancing of aspects that may all play a part in deciding your ROI, from exhibitor expenses to aesthetic effect.

This article will present you with the most common types of booth sizes in use today. Depending on your target market, objectives, budget, and preferences, you may select or combine any of the available alternatives to achieve the most value for money.

Different types of Trade Show Displays

Banner Stands

Banner stands are among the most common and adaptable types of trade show displays. They’ve become a go-to for trade show marketers, businesses, and organisations seeking display signs since they’re inexpensive, portable, and simple to customise with unique graphics. They truly are a fantastic choice for firms looking to get their brand noticed quickly.

Hanging Structures

Hanging structures are aluminium-framed hanging trade show displays with pillowcase images that come in a range of forms including circles, squares, shields, pinwheels, and more. These structures enable exhibition booth builders to convey their brand presence from all sides during an event with unique, eye-catching flair.

Table Covers and Runners

Table coverings and runners are also popular in the trade fair and convention industry, providing a fashionable solution as well as additional branding options for presenters with tabletop displays. These table coverings and runners are produced blank or with bespoke designs on washable polyester utilising a dye sublimation print technology, depending on the demands of an exhibitor.

Pop Up Displays

Pop-up displays are typically used as backgrounds to showcase brand messaging and product capabilities. Pop-up displays make use of a collapsible, accordion-style frame that “pops” up, producing an immediate frame ready to be embellished with bright images.

Tension fabric displays

To create gorgeous backdrops, tension fabric displays use the aluminium pole, extrusion, or foldable frames embellished with close-fitting fabric graphics. Based on the frame, tension fabric graphics push over the frames like a case, slip into extruded channels, or are Velcro-attached directly to the frame. Lighting, shelves, and monitor mounting can be incorporated into tension fabric displays to increase utility.

Standard Exhibition Booth Sizes

The size of exhibition venues varies based on the nature and the event’s location. Exhibition stand Price and availability are also important considerations. However, a few booth sizes are recognised as industry standards for trade exhibitions.

10 x 10 Trade Show Booth

This is the most common exhibition booth size and the sole one that many trade shows can give to their exhibitors. Booths are typically linear or corner configurations. It is critical to know the design ahead of time so that you can adequately plan and prepare. As a general rule, displays should be no larger than the dimensions of the booth. You can fit anything this way.

10 x 20 Trade Show Booth

Generally, this exhibition booth size is often configured as a peninsula. It is usually 6 metres broad and 3 metres deep. You get more exhibit areas and a better chance to wow your audience. Their cost is slightly greater, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

20 x 20 Trade Show Booth

We’re talking about the largest and most costly island booths here. This exhibition stand size allows for a large team while also providing ample storage and exhibition space. Because of the style and proportions of these booths, you may make a strong visual effect on your audience.


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