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What Are Different Types Of Exhibition Stands?

Exhibitors may find numerous opportunities at a trade show in order to expand their brand and product recognition. Trade shows in Sharjah are considered one of the best ways for company showcase to a large number of audience. While taking part in a trade show, exhibitors expect their goals and targets to be achieved. These desired outcomes may be easy to achieve with the help of an eye-catching and creative exhibition. A trade show booth may be considered a significant part of an exhibition and you may also hire an exhibition booth builder in Sharjah to make it attractive.

Exhibition booths are made and available in various kinds and you may select one of them according to your brand specialty and requirements. You may learn about various types of exhibition booths and their importance for different exhibitions. Here are some of the exhibition booths:

  • Pop-up stands: These stands are lightweight, easy to assemble and mobile. Installing them might require less labor and time investment. It is easy to showcase in various trade shows and you would find them in different sizes as per your needed space in trade show. Exhibitors who attend various events and trade shows are more likely to get this type of exhibition booth. It may also facilitate you with customised graphics and business related designs.
  • Modular Stands: The stands that are made up of one module and could be moulded in various combinations are called modular stands. They are portable displays too and may elevate your trade show display with the help of unique and attractive designs. They are available in various shapes and heights. You may incorporate desired graphic designs and branding displays into these trade booths. You may easily get it with the help of exhibition stand design companies in Sharjah.
  • Custom Stands: Custom exhibition stands are also famous for their personalised designs and are created to combine the specific desires and requirements of an exhibitor in an exhibition booth. They are need-based exhibition booth designs and could be accessed by an exhibition stand builder in Sharjah to incorporate unique services like multimedia displays, interactive features and seating areas. A custom trade show stand helps you to make a statement that fulfils the purpose of showcasing your creativity through elegant and stunning display ideas. It may help you take advantage of end-to-end creative control in order to get a structure that occupies most of the available area, attracts the target audience, achieves your planned exhibition goals and successfully represents your brand.
  • System stands: System stands are called modular stands too however, they are more cost-effective. These stands are easy to install and assemble. There is more flexibility to reconfigure these trade show stands. Additionally, they are adaptable with other stands and easy to keep, store and transport.
  • Shell Scheme Stands: Shell scheme stands are pre-manufactured with a basic design for companies to showcase their products and solutions. These are available in all sizes and are majorly comes in affordable prices. The shell scheme is a perfect choice considering both lighting and power distribution as its strong design enables secure lighting placement.
  • Double-Deck Stands: It is an outstanding choice for those exhibitors who need to utilise the most of trade show stand space as these are two-story booths. Double-deck booths look unique and beautiful among other exhibition booths because of their structure and spacious outlook. These provide a facility to showcase a wide range of services offered by the exhibitors. It may give enough space to bifurcate services on different floors of the trade stand. These stands are made of strong material and could be customised to look impressive during the exhibition. An exhibition stand contractor in Sharjah may help you get a one-of-a-kind double-deck booth for your next exhibit.
  • Outdoor stands: These stands are appropriate for events and trade shows that take place in open areas. These include tents and canopies. These are made to display large booths and are long-lasting and water-resistant.

To conclude, the trade show booths are available in different shapes, sizes and structures. You may select any of them as per your needs or trade show booth design in Sharjah. It is important to note that your exhibition booth may impact your visitors in various ways. The trade show booth makes an impression on visitors and helps them remember your products and solutions.