What are the most common mistakes to avoid during the event?

Exhibitors often ignore small things when planning for their exhibitions. More often these errors are related to the booth design and booth staffers. This might reflect a bad picture at an exhibition. Train your booth staff for the final show appearance.

You need to know what not to do while designing and setting up your exhibition stands, incorporate this suggestion in your trade show plan to attain your business goals and come out as a professional and client-oriented brand.

  • Creating a safety zone

Always maintain a professional demeanour at the trade show booth. Many times, your booth personnel tend to huddle up at the booth corners to converse with each other. These areas where they hurdle up are known as the safety zones. There is a general tendency where your staff members look for an escape from the attendees and projecting that they are having a casual staff meeting. Your potential clients when walking pass by your booth would not set up in as they might think they are intruding your personnel space or private space. So it’s your responsibility to train your staff that sitting or standing at their ease might cause them a huge loss.

  • Presenting a strong pitch and ignoring what visitors are looking for

An overly aggressive sales pitch presented by your inexperienced staff members and ignoring what visitors are looking for might destroy your sales plot. Understand that marketing is all about persuasion not forcing or tricking visitors to buy your product. While making your presentations, you need to talk more about the facts and latest trends and less about yourself. Talking more about yourself might backfire and upset your attendees.

Always try to strike a conversation with your clients and try to know what exactly they are looking for? Instead of bombarding them with your product or services knowledge.

  • Handing out marketing collaterals and literature to avoid talking

It’s as simple as that your booth personnel are representing on your behalf, hence they should not run away from any work when representing your brand. Many times, your booth staffers are not sure how to strike a conversation with the visitors and end up handling marketing collateral like brochures and flyers. They simply hand out literature and premiums to avoid talking and this is the biggest mistake that you shouldn’t follow.

Always recruit booth personnel who are good at networking and are more interested in talking to your future prospect. Train them well ahead to attain maximum output from them.

  • Mixing the outer edges of the booth with structural elements

You must be very careful while finalising the trade show booth design. The booth should look welcoming and congenial on the floor. The biggest mistake that an exhibitor made is to mix the outer edge of the trade show booth with the internal structure. Due to this lot of space is blocked in between and might project the wrong message to the visitors.

Always create your booth walls (if any) and internal structures aligned in such a way that induces easy visitor flow.

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