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What Are the Most Common Mistakes to Avoid During the Event?

Exhibition shows feel like grand events that require high-end investments and in-depth marketing plans. However, getting the basics right is critical for success. While focusing on the end game, exhibitors commit some errors that not only reduce their exhibition performance but also decrease their brand image. Therefore, it is critical to avoid such mistakes and make your exhibition booth as flawless as possible. This is where proficient exhibition stand manufacturers can help. A professional booth builder renders quality services on time and offers valuable insights using which you can cut down critical mistakes. The blog explores some prevalent mistakes that exhibitors make that decrease their ROI.

Read the points down below to know about such mistakes:

Making a Proper Plan:

Exhibitors must treat an exhibition show like an extended area of their business. Thus, they should make a proper plan before initiating their trade show preparation. Without a proper plan, exhibitors lack much-needed focus and cohesion. Essentially, your plan must include your KPIs, competitor analysis, visitor engagement strategies, backup plans, etc.

Getting Too Focused on Cutting Costs:

Going for the cheapest exhibition space, hiring inexperienced builders, and recycling old materials might save you some bucks. However, it’s a gruesome mistake to overlook quality exhibition stand construction over cost-cutting. Nothing is more valuable than the market reputation of the brand. So, it is important to make your investment competitive. Remember that the trade show is an opportunity to open new doors for your business. It offers a great opportunity to enhance the market image and customer base. So, the more quality you ensure in the business, the more business prospects you will get in the future.

Creating an Unwelcoming Stand Design:

Many exhibitors participate in the trade shows and sometimes they only get a few seconds of their attention. Therefore, exhibitors must make their exhibits distinctive and appealing. Moreover, creating a welcoming atmosphere, choosing the right colors, and selecting attractive modular stands hold paramount importance.

Repeated Giveaways:

To keep the customers engaged, everything in your trade show booth must look original and creative. This also includes giveaways as well. Handing over the same nondescript giveaways every time makes your customers bored and uninterested. Your giveaways should be relevant to your industry, distinctive, and useful.

Keeping Inexperienced Staff:

No matter how visually appealing your exhibition stand looks, it does require some human touch. Therefore, it is important to have a staff that is knowledgeable about the company’s products, company’s history, and product portfolio. Your staff at exhibition shows essentially represent your brand and if they act unprofessional, visitors might form a wrong impression about your brand. Moreover, your staff must show some energy, stamina, and confidence throughout the exhibition event.

Not Promoting Your Participation:

When it comes to exhibition shows, you should not leave anything to chance. Maximize pre-event marketing to generate awareness about your participation. Here, you can capitalize on social media marketing, banners, and PPC campaigns. Visitors like to visit stalls of exhibitors they have already heard of. So, if the visitors know about your brand before the event, chances are that they will pay a visit to your booth on the exhibition day.

Not Following on Leads:

After accumulating leads at the exhibition shows, you must follow up on leads in a professional manner. Your lead management system must be organized and streamlined so that there is no delay in the follow-up. Additionally, you must practice patience and stay with your leads until the very end. In some cases, leads take months before deciding on whether they want to buy your product or not.


Exhibition show participation is an intricate and challenging process, and mistakes are bound to happen. However, some mistakes are quite critical and should be avoided as they bring down your market reputation and impact your ROI. The blog focuses on common mistakes you can prevent to get better results. Get in touch with reputed exhibition stand suppliers in Dubai and request quotations to get the best offers in attracting display rentals and booth-building services. Check out more blogs if you want to learn more about exhibition shows and their importance to exhibitors.