What future holds for the exhibition stand design Industry?

Exhibition stand design

With the changing times, digital marketing channels have built a large base in recent times. But even though the importance of digital marketing is expanding at a faster pace. Exhibitions are still being considered one of the most profitable sources of advertising for companies. Trade shows are always an effective way of showcasing a company’s products and services. It allows a business to network with customers, possible partners, and with other businesses. 

Due to the changing times and technological advances, it gives chance for companies to present something new. Every time within their exhibition stand design, to make their exhibition stand out and also give an edge to them over others. 

Following are the few trends that need to follow. The trends will surely give you an advantage while exhibiting in an upcoming exhibition.

Exhibition stand design that focuses on Customers/Attendees 

Never underestimate the power of the first impression. It is rightly said that the first impression is the last and you only have a one-time chance to make it work. As you need to make sure that your stand design will make the impact you need in the first go. It is not about making an exhibition stand design that is creative, but you need to be sure that your product will create an emotional and imaginative effect within the mind of attendees. 

So, you can always opt for incorporating 3D mapping technology or maybe opt for unusual fabrics. Unique textures in your booth that make it creative and appealing in its way.

Providing Comfort will be Prime Concern 

With attracting visitors to your booth, don’t forget the element of comfort that every demographic wants. Spending an entire day walking around from one custom exhibition stand to another can be a bit exhausting. After the tiresome day, people look for places where they can sit down and can take a break.

Try to inculcate a lounge area within your exhibition stand that will go to attract more attendees. The design will give them a chance to stay longer at your booth.  

Provide a Multi sensorial experience 

Now you are not limited to appealing to your attendees via just sound and sight anymore. It’s time to devise and make changes in your trade show marketing activities. The design makes use of all five senses to grab the attendee’s attention. 

Make sure that your exhibition stand is not only clean but also offers a relatively comfortable area to sit and take a rest. It should also give your customer a clear message that your brand wants to convey. You can allow your clients to interact with your products. If you do not have any tangible products, then you can opt for any technology or any such thing that may be a giveaway that can help them in getting a clear picture of your product. 

Playing with Lightning

Try to incorporate some unique lighting elements that can make their way to interact with your brand. Lighting elements assist in directing your visitors towards your products and displays. You can always go for a color scheme while planning for your exhibition stand design. Color scheme helps in enhancing your brand and the use of projection mapping, and 3D technology helps in making your booth come to life. 

So, try adopting these trends in your next exhibition stand design that will climb you to the ladder of success and make you stand out from your crowd. 

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