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What should be included in your Exhibition Stand to Make it More Unique on the Trade Show Floor?

An exhibition stall must look like your store including all your brand’s aesthetics and colors. It is also important to choose consistent themes in multiple shows to ensure brand recognition and recall. However, since visitors have a lot of booths to choose from, you must put effort into making your stall stand out. To get a competitive edge, you must offer something unique to the visitors and make your exhibition stand design compelling and attractive. The uniqueness of your exhibition booth can come from giveaways, design elements, gamification, effective use of technology, interactive displays, etc. In this blog, let us briefly discuss some important features you must consider for your exhibition booth. Using these features can enable you to elicit an emotional response from the visitors and facilitate call-to-action.

Features to Use to Distinguish Your Exhibition Stand:

Different exhibitors employ different tactics to make themselves look distinct and visible. You can use your creative imagination to find a feature that complements your brand and pleases your visitors. However, there are some standard features you can include to get higher visitor traffic and brand visibility. Let us explore these features in detail in this section:

1. Bright Colors

One of the basic strategies you can employ in your booth is to make it brighter. Using visually striking colors instantly captures the visitor’s attention and makes your booth more visible. Moreover, you can use high contrast to highlight specific aspects of your trade show booth. For example, you can use intense colors to accentuate displays and your products. While selecting colors, you must be careful because too less colors make the atmosphere dull and too bright to overwhelm the audience. Experienced exhibition stand manufacturers recommend using the 60-30-10 rule. Practicing this rule means applying primary colors to 60 percent of the space and secondary colors to 30 percent of the booth areas. The remaining 10 percent would be reserved for accent colors which you can apply in your text and graphics.

2. Make Your Exhibition Stand Spacious

While designing an exhibition booth, it is important to remember that sometimes less is more. Throwing too much stuff in your exhibition booth overwhelms the audience making them lose interest. Instead, carefully select your products and features and maximize empty spaces to your advantage. Experts believe at least 40 percent of the booth space should be empty. The empty spaces allow visitors to walk around freely and have a look at your product. Adequate spaciousness is also crucial to facilitate conversations between your staff and visitors. Removing clutter also gives a more professional and organized look to your exhibition booth. In extra spaces, you can also create zones for presentations and product demonstrations.

3. Deliver Optimal Visitor Experience

If the visitors spend quality time in your booths, they will be more interested in your product. Therefore, it is essential to work on visitor experience aspects and include features that enhance them. Exhibitors have become profoundly creative with their exhibition stand ideas. To get a competitive edge, it is critical to stay ahead of the curve and adopt fresh strategies. Interactive displays and presentations are standard features that many exhibitors use. You can also incorporate AR-VR technology to take visitor’s experience to another level. You can also include product demonstrations to showcase the real-time application of your product. Set up large LED screens to offer visitors promo videos and glimpses of the upcoming products.

4. Use Appropriate Lighting

As an exhibitor, you must create a professional and lively environment in your exhibition booth. Using appropriate lighting subtly adds value to your exhibition design and improves its overall aesthetic appeal. Lighting is also an important tool to raise the visibility of the texts, graphics, products, and messaging. You have many options to choose from in lighting and you must make the choice depending on the booth design. You have options such as accent lighting, ambient lighting, spotlight, hanging lights, strobe lights, gobo lights, etc.

5. Gamification and Giveaways:

To add to the level of fun in your booth, you can include games, gifts, and giveaways. It is important to creatively include brand elements in all the games and giveaways to improve brand recall. Including gifts and giveaways also helps you connect with the customers in a better way. However, refrain from using repetitive and irrelevant giveaways that do not create any impact. If you are not sure about physical gifts, you can choose to give free Wi-Fi as well. Apart from that, including special offers and discounts can help you create a special buzz at the venue.


As an exhibitor, your entire trade show performance revolves around selecting the right booth design, size, and features. At exhibition shows, you have little time to attract and engage visitors. Thus, it is imperative to include features that make your booth stand out and attract high footfall. The blog explores features that you can use to make your booth look different and pleasing. Contact a reliable exhibition builder in Dubai and select the appropriate size for your booth that gives you more flexibility in selecting features. With more touchpoints and features, a large booth enables exhibitors to optimize visitor engagement comprehensively.