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We Design & Build Exhibition Stand at
Saudi Food Manufacturing Riyadh 2024

Saudi Food Manufacturing Riyadh 2024

30 April 2024 - 02 May 2024
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Food Manufacturing 2024 event is one of the largest food and beverage industry trade shows in Saudi Arabia. Taking place annually in Riyadh, it brings together hundreds of local and international food producers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers over 3 days. The 2024 edition is going to be held at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center from 30 April to 02 May.

As the economy and population of Saudi Arabia continue to grow rapidly, so too does the Kingdom's massive food industry. With over 34 million people and infrastructure development transforming the country, the opportunities for food manufacturing are immense. The Saudi Food Manufacturing event has become a must-attend event for companies operating in or seeking to enter the Saudi market.

For food and beverage manufacturers seeking to establish themselves or expand within the massive opportunities of the $35B+ Saudi market, exhibiting at Saudi Food Manufacturing is a strategic imperative. The access to pre-qualified buyers, industry exposure, and ability to showcase directly to decision-makers in one place delivers an unparalleled value proposition difficult to match through any other channel.

Benefits of Participating in Saudi Food Manufacturing 2024:

Some key reasons why exhibiting is highly advantageous for manufacturers and suppliers include:

  • With thousands of attendees from Saudi Arabia's vibrant F&B sector, the event provides unparalleled exposure to qualified buyers.
  • The attendees at the event have the budgets, relationships, and decision-making authority to purchase products and services immediately.
  • Attendees have come to Saudi Food Manufacturing specifically to source new suppliers, products, and innovations. They are receptive and looking to learn – a strategic captive audience for companies' messages and offerings.
  • Operating a prominent booth profile vastly improves brand visibility and top-of-mind awareness among buyers. Being present establishes companies as serious competitors within the market.
  • With over 80% local attendees, exhibiting signals long-term commitment and validity to the fast-growing Saudi market. This enhanced reputation opens more doors.
  • Informal interactions provide opportunities to build strategic supply chain relationships, benchmark, gain market intelligence, and identify complementary partnerships.

No F&B firm operating or interested in Saudi Arabia can afford not to exhibit at the Saudi Food Manufacturing 2024. Exhibit with your brand and showcase what you have by partnering with one of the top exhibition stand builders in Riyadh unlocks new exhibit opportunities.

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