Double Decker Exhibition Stands

If you are amongst those enthusiastic customers who are looking to increase their space on the floor then double decker exhibition stands will be the best-suited option. We manufacture our own stands and this enables us to easily source the right stand solution for your exhibiting objectives and budget while maintaining strict quality control.

How Triumfo Double Decker Exhibition Stand can help with space enhancement?

With this new concept, you can grab the attention of the visitors easily. Though other shapes and sizes are available, we already have pre-engineered kits to show you the most common stand sizes for the quick overview to get best exhibition solutions. With the help of this double decker stand, you can add dedicated areas such as meeting room and reception at one floor and exhibit displays at another for a neater and more organized look and feel. Double decker exhibition stands are at times expensive and yet classy choice for businesses looking for maximum space utilization. The best part of this stand is that it can be adapted to the various floor plans.

By installing these stands, you can directly interact with your prospect and get instant feedback on the new offerings. Since decades, we are delivering the best possible results for you. The double decker exhibition stand design at Triumfo Exhibition Organizing LLC is intended to last and impress. You can select your favourite double decker exhibition stands that serve your requirement. Our team of engineers are able to handle structural drawings and load calculations that meet the convention centre safety parameters and we undertake the responsibility to get the required approvals from the organizers and convention centre authorities.