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What are the Major Benefits of Double Decker Display for Trade Shows?

Are you going to participate in an exhibition? And got there an opportunity for a double-decker exhibit display? Can’t decide whether you should take it or not? Want to understand its benefits? You just have arrived at the right place, let the experienced exhibition stand builders guide you through their incredible insights.

Brief Introduction of Double Decker Exhibition Stands:

As the term “double-decker stand” is self-explanatory, such exhibition stands constitute two levels of display area. Exhibitors often use the bottom area for meetings or product demonstrations, whereas, the upper level is for showcasing their brand’s messaging. However, this approach isn’t a set rule and exhibitors use these stands creatively and as per their suitability.

Major Benefits of Double Decker Exhibition Stands:

Double-deck exhibition stand designs are gaining popularity among exhibitors because they offer several advantages over other stand design choices. Explore a few of the most prominent ways these stands help you stand out from the competition at trade shows and exhibitions.

1. More Space for Utilization

Double-decker exhibition stands offer double space in comparison to traditional stands. Exhibitors can dedicate more space to branding, product displays, and interactivity, or some other use as per their needs. They can highlight their prime products or latest launches in a better way. They can accommodate their visitors more comfortably. They get more space to conduct their exhibition operations.

2. Optimises Cost of Exhibition Space

Choosing these exhibits doubles your exhibition space without paying for additional floor space. As an exhibitor, you get more value from your investment made in participating in an exhibition. Thus, double-decker exhibition stands proved to be a cost-efficient choice.

3. Enhanced Visibility

Double-deck stands are usually larger than the standardized trade show booth. Their size enhances the visibility and grabs the attention of visitors even from a significant distance on the exhibition floor. With enhanced visibility, you tend to get more footfall on your stand and accomplish your brand visibility goals with ease.

4. Enhance Functionality

More space means more space for your operations. When it comes to double-deck stands, you get more space to strategically allocate for different purposes. These stands can accomplish your diverse needs without less hassle. You can dedicate the lower level for product displays and demonstrations while the upper one for meetings and interactions, allowing your booth staff to focus on one thing at a time.

5. Private Meeting Areas

Business meetings and interactions often require secluded places with formal settings, contrary to what you observe on the exhibition floor. Double-decker stands offer you the flexibility to dedicate a certain area for such meetings. This phenomenon also boosts the chances of generating more sales due to a higher rate of conversion of potential leads.

6. Memorable Attendee Experience

When a visitor comes to a double-decker stand, they tend to get mesmerized by its size and design. You just need to ensure that your exhibition stand has the best features to attract and engage your visitors. You make your brand more visible as well as enhance its recall value. When visitors leave your double deck stands with an impression that lasts beyond the exhibition floor and days, you accomplish the objective of participation superbly.

7. Unique and Versatile Design Opportunities

More space provides exhibition stand manufacturers with more opportunities to showcase their creativity. Double-decker stands are versatile as they offer room for creativity as well as functionality. You can opt for offbeat design styles and create a distinct impression on your visitors.

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