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What are the Ways to Attract and Engage Your Visitors on the Exhibition Stand?

An exhibitor spends a lot of money to exhibit in UAE trade shows. So it is vital to attract the right set of people to your booth. But the question arises how you can attract or drive more attendees to your booth? How you are going to justify that you have the mark for your audience? The answer is very simple hire the services of a professional exhibition stand builder in Dubai, they can pull the right audience to your booth.

With the help of this checklist, you can make your exhibition stand, and stand out on the exhibition floor.

Bold and Clear Communication:

Communication should be bold and clear and use strong graphics and large signage to convey your brand message. Be creative in your design host live webcasts and stream videos to engage your potential prospect. There might be chances that it evokes interest in your product and services

Organize A Game on Your Stand:

As per the changing trend, gamification is the most sought-after trend used in trade shows. It is ideally used in experimental marketing. Organize a game for the visitors, ask them to play when they enter your stand, and in between try to strike up a conversation and tell them about your product and services.

Introduced Virtual Reality in Your Stand:

Using virtual reality at your booth will give you an upper hand on the trade show floor. It overcomes the physical limitations and visitors can better understand your product and methodology. VR will give the visitor a memorable experience on the trade show floor.

Charging Point:

A visitor walks all along the day in search of a good exhibition stand.

Their battery drains after a certain period. Creating a charging point in your booth will send a message to your attendees that we understand your requirements. While they are charging their phone try to strike up a conversation where you can discuss business with them. Collect their email ID, contact no, and company number to follow up when the trade show is over.

Give Freebies:

A simple yet effective trick is to give freebies on your custom exhibition stand. Distributing free merchandising will attract the attention of your attendees and they will stop by your booth. Whether it’s a branded pen or any snack or a drink, they will stop to have a look, and eventually, you will get a chance to interact with the visitors.

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