Top 10 Trade Shows & Exhibitions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2023-2024

Saudi Arabia is one of the leading destinations among travellers and things are the same when it comes to business. Numerous companies arrive in this beautiful country for exhibiting in trade fairs. The reason is simple and clear – it brings various growth opportunities to the organization in an effective manner. 

With the help of Exhibition Stand Contractors in Saudi Arabia, you can also grow your business. So, let us take a look at top trade shows & exhibitions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2023-2024 that can help you in enhancing your business.

1. Riyadh Travel Fair 2024

Get a chance to enhance your travel company’s reputation at the international platform of Riyadh Travel Fair 2024. This fair always provides opportunities to travel organizations for promoting their product and service. Here, you can meet numerous businessmen, professionals, VIPs, and journalists in the travel industry.

Venue: Arena Riyadh Venue for Exhibitions

City: Riyadh

Date: TBD 2024

2. Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo 2024 Riyadh

At Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo, connect with various like-minded people from the entertainment and amusement industry under one roof and know about real-industry challenges and the best ways to tackle them. Gain the best business opportunities by promoting your product or service among the biggest stakeholders in the world.   

Venue: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Date: 07-09 May 2024

City: Riyadh

3. Saudi Plastics and Petrochem 2024 Riyadh

Discover the best opportunities to grow your organization by exhibiting at Saudi Plastics and Petrochem trade fair. Here, people from all across the world attend various workshops related to the latest technologies in the industry of Petrochemicals, Plastics, Packaging, and Printing. Hence, you can easily attract a large number of target audiences as well as stakeholders. 

Venue: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre (RICEC)

City: Riyadh

Date: 06-09 May 2024

4. Index Saudi 2023 Riyadh

If you are from the industry of distributors, interior designers, fit-out contractors, and retailers and want to do business with potential buyers then INDEX Saudi is a perfect platform for you. Numerous influential buyers all across the world attend this fair. 


City: Riyadh

Date: 10-12 Sep 2023

5. Global Health Exhibition 2023 Riyadh

Global Health Exhibition gives you a perfect platform to enhance your brand exposure or generate new business. It is one of the leading platforms where prominent people related to the healthcare industry arrive and share their work experience and connect with companies to expand their reach. Thus, don’t miss the hot opportunities to establish your network with potential buyers and industry leaders. 

Venue: Riyadh Exhibition & Convention Centre

City: Riyadh

Date: 02-04 Oct 2023

6. International Digital Signature Expo 2023

You can easily get the business benefit from the International Digital Signature Expo platform as it is the largest and the first exhibition in Saudi Arabia. If you are in Digital Signage Industry, then it provides you the opportunity to meet potential buyers and share your expertise, strategies, experience, and innovative approaches. This platform allows you to understand the needs and expectations of your target audience so that you can modify your offerings accordingly.

Venue: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

City: Riyadh

Date: 03-05 Oct 2023

7. Saudi International Medlab Expo 2023 Riyadh

Grab the marvelous opportunity of optimizing sales generation strategy at the Saudi International Medlab Expo. Learn the best ways to deal with the challenges in the healthcare network that comes your way on a daily basis. This fair brings the best platform where you can grow your network by establishing your relationship with healthcare professionals. 

Venue: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Date: 9-11 Oct 2023

City: Riyadh 


8. EV Auto Show 2023 Riyadh (EVAUTOSHOW)

 EV Auto Show 2023 is a platform where you can showcase your Innovative equipment, Electric Vehicles, and various services related to EV Sector. The main objective behind organizing this fair is to provide a space where exhibitors can present their work to target audiences, investors, business leaders, and many more. 

Venue: International Convention and Exhibition Centre

City: Riyadh

Date: 9-11 Oct 2023

9. Metal and Sheet Saudi Arabia 2023 Riyadh

Those people who are dealing in infrastructure, construction, pipelines, and steel industries can grab various business advantages from this trade show as it has proven credentials and is reputed among the world’s biggest market leaders. It is a trustworthy stage where you can make new links and enhance your market share.

Venue: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

City: Riyadh

Date: 15-18 Oct 2023

10. Saudi Agriculture 2023 Riyadh

If you are working in the agriculture sector then the Saudi Agriculture trade show is a perfect stage for you as it allows you to enhance your business by collaborating with Agriculture Consultants, Agriculture Engineers, Farm Owners, Potential Buyers, Food Products Traders, and Distributors, Energy and Irrigation Specialists, etc.

Venue: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Date: 23-26 Oct 2023

City: Riyadh

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