Global Vertical Farming Show

Global Vertical Farming Show

  Start 13-09-2024 / End 14-09-2024


Global Vertical Farming Show - Join the most successful event of the year bringing modern farming techniques to collaborate and grow. The previous editions have already set a high benchmark for business profits. This year different market experts will come together to discover new market trends, create long-time partnerships, and power-backed their farming businesses.

The 5th edition of GVFS is going to be held from September 2024 at Bustan Dubai, UAE. Vertical farming has become the future of agriculture now. The concept of the upcoming show is to do agriculture in a controlled environment to maximize and secure yields without affecting environmental and social factors.

The other topics that will be discussed at VertiFarm include Cosmetics, Cannabis, CBD, Oils,  Seeds, Plants, Plant Protection and fertilizers, Energy Generation and efficiency, Automation and logistics, Air Conditioning, Indoor Farms, New Food Systems, Research and education, Robotic Farming and Medical Plant Production.

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Vertical farming provides maximum agricultural output in less space with no or minimal effect on the environment. With this technique, farmers can use 98% less water and 99% less land. They can get 240 times the high yield of crops in the same field.

Some of the key benefits of attending the global vertical farming show include:

  • Offers a unique stage to showcase farming techniques to the European market.
  • Make contacts with technical and business providers and in turn, generate leads.
  • Top decision makers and buyers will find ways to maintain crops by changing temperature, water, lights, and humidity control giving an excellent chance to learn market trends
  • The event will be covered by top media and influencers that make the event a perfect marketing place to attract high-quality visitors not only at the live exhibition but also to make the world aware of the brand.